About Us

Our Starting Point

We start with a strategic marketing plan that includes your objectives, marketing channels, and content strategy. We work together with you to determine the best way to help you better reach and engage prospective customers.

Our Team

We are a small team with deep experience web design, online marketing, social content, and new customer acquisition strategy.

  • Mordy Karsch
  • Director
  • Paola Dalman
  • Design Director
  • Lucian Andreiu
  • Lead Tech
  • Jeremy Yu
  • Social Content Manager

Our Approach

We take a customer-centric, integrated approach to everything we do. We look at the world from your customer’s point of view.

Our Promise

We’ll deliver your project on budget, on time, and we’ll help make you look great. We don’t just want to make you happy, we want to make you successful.

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