Horizon Solar Power
Driving Solar Customer Aquisition

Horizon Solar Power is a leading solar panel installation company in the Southern California Area. With over 10,000 customers and growing rapidly, Horizon Solar Power needed a new website design and digital marketing strategy.

Optimyz designed and developed a clean website design that used Horizon Solar’s new Southern California Sun styling. The website was simple, included video testimonials, and pushed clients to the Get a Quote button.

Custom Get a Quote Page
Horizon Solar wanted a unique, personalized, and step by step Get Started form. Optimyz used a combination of JavaScript, Ajax, html, and custom scripts to enable users to input one field at a time, with the next field opening just at the right time. horizonsolarpower.com/get-a-solar-quote/

Triggered Postcard Campaign
Optimyz also helped Horizon Solar engage incoming leads and new prospects with our CustomMail postcard platform: www.custommail.net Each time a new lead arrived through the website or 3rd party lead provider, Optimyz automatically sent out a Welcome Postcard with an image of the prospects roof and savings quote.

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Horizon Solar Power
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